License Installation

Finding Your License

1. Search for 'RReplace license email' in your email Subject header, using your mail client's search feature.

2. Once you have found it, look in the message content for the license key block. It will look something like this:


3. Select the license key block. Copy it to your clipboard.

4. Start RReplace.

Installing Your License

5. When the license nag dialog box appears, click 'Input License.'

(The screenshot above shows Padded on Mac OS X, but it's functionally the same on all platforms, and for all desktop software by Peter Caffin that needs a license key block.)

5A. Alternatively, if RReplace is already running, click 'Help → License Install' in the main menu.

6. Paste the code block into the box. Don't worry if it wraps a bit oddly.

That's It, All Done

7. Once you've clicked the 'Install License' button, you should see this:

8. If you have any problems installing the license, please get in contact and let us know if any error dialogs popped up.