Distribution Policy


Mirroring of software on this site is generally not permitted unless:

  1. You are willing and able to copy the executibles across only when they have changed, and,
  2. You are willing and able to schedule this to occur on a regular basis, and,
  3. You guarantee never to wrap the software inside a proprietary installer, and,
  4. You have sought and received permission beforehand.

The intent is to ensure that users of RReplace can always find the latest release.

Shareware CD-ROMs, DVDs, etc

Distribution by this media is encouraged provided:

  1. It is clear to the purchasor that they are receiving unregistered software, and,
  2. The price isn't excessive, and,
  3. You have sought and received permission beforehand.

Please send a courtesy copy through the post, if possible.

Linux/UNIX Package Managers

Permission is granted for binaries to be packaged, using systems like DEB or RPM, provided all binaries remain unchanged and no configuration files or directories are created.

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